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Broadcast Schedule Advisory

Please be advised that most of our partners do not stream all of their games. Many of our partners only stream their home games. Also, for our individual partnerships if two of our partners play one another it is likely that the home team will be the only one streaming the game (on their channel). Here is a brief overview of our current partnerships and their broadcast intentions (subject to change):

Home Games Only: Alabama (D1), EMU, FGCU (D2/D3), GCU (MD1, MD2, MD3, WD1), Hofstra, NAU (D2/D3), Northern Colorado, OSU, OU, Ole Miss, SDSU, Tampa (D2), UNC-Wilmington

All Games (Home/Road): FSU, Kentucky, SJSU

All Home Games & Select Road Games: Alabama (D2), CMU, Miami, Niagara

All League Games & Select Non-League Home Games: TCHC

No Coverage: Tampa (D3)