Black Dog Enterprises strives to provide high levels of quality to our paid customers. We endeavor at all times to make the quality of our live streaming services and video-on-demand content superior to that offered by alternative online broadcast services. Your access to and use of the Services are conditioned on your acceptance of and compliance with these Terms. By accessing or using the Services you agree to be bound by these Terms.

The vast majority of our live broadcasts and video-on-demand ("VOD") content, whether wholly produced by Black Dog Enterprises or produced in cooperation with one of our team partners, meets or exceeds our targeted levels of service, including:

An Internet stream quality of at least 350 kbps (kilobits per second) or higher
An on-screen resolution of 640 x 360 pixels or greater
A tripod-mounted camera with a dedicated operator and at least HD (720p) or Full HD (1080p) native resolution
At least one broadcaster providing audio commentary via a professional headset and audio board

However, there are many factors - both technical and non-technical - that may affect the final quality of any given broadcast, and Black Dog Enterprises cannot guarantee that issues will not arise. Some of these issues include:

Internet connection issues

While we test every broadcast location prior to our broadcasts to ensure that the necessary Internet speeds are supported, we generally do not own the network access and cannot guarantee that the broadcast connection will not be affected by local network outages or other occasional service outages or slowdowns. In some cases, conditions may require us to reduce our video speed or resolution to rates below those listed above.

Viewer equipment or connection issues

Watching streaming video requires a high-speed Internet connection and a fast computer. You are responsible for having a device and a network connection sufficient to support the delivery of the content you purchase. We recommend a processor with performance equivalent to or greater than an Intel Core i3, a minimum of 2-4GB of RAM, and a modern graphics card from ATI Radeon or Nvidia. For best performance, we also recommend using the Google Chrome Web Browser, which can be downloaded and installed for free by clicking here. Your Internet connection should have a download speed of 2 Mbps or higher. Test your Internet connection prior to paying by going to www.speedtest.net.

On-site equipment failure or malfunctions

Occasionally, we may experience cases where a piece of audio or video equipment fails to perform as expected. This may result in the temporary loss of audio or video; or it may result in sound or picture quality that is below our typical standard. In any of these cases, Black Dog Enterprises will, at its sole discretion, determine if the loss of quality is of an acceptable level to continue with the broadcast.

Camera angles

Black Dog Enterprises works with our partners to find the best available camera position for covering a game. However, be advised that camera angles will vary from facility to facility based on the configuration of the seating, availability of power and Internet connectivity, and other factors, and may not provide optimal coverage for all parts of the playing surface.

No warranty, no refunds

In summary, while Black Dog Enterprises strives for the best possible live streaming and video-on-demand presentation, Black Dog Enterprises does not warranty the Internet connectivity, the suitability of the user's computer equipment, nor the production quality of a broadcast including, but not limited to, camera angles, in-game graphics, audio quality, commentary, or any other portion in full, or in part, of a production.

All sales are final. There are no refunds. Black Dog Enterprises may, at its sole discretion, provide Game Credits or other adjustments to customers who experience issues accessing or viewing content.

Notice of Copyright

Each copyrighted Black Dog Enterprises broadcast is strictly for the personal, private and non-commercial use of its audience. Any re-broadcast, re-transmission, or account of any game, without the expressed written consent of Black Dog Enterprises and their partners is strictly prohibited.

Black Dog Enterprises also retains full copyright for all commercial uses of their content. This includes, but is not limited to, DVD production/re-sale, digital on-demand streaming services and edited highlight/scouting reels. Raw digital footage is not available for public consumption. Customers may use excerpts from DVDs - along with their own personal footage or any other footage to which they have been granted similar rights - provided it is for their own personal, non-commercial use and proper credit (to "Black Dog Enterprises") is given. Copying, re-distribution and/or re-sale of DVDs (even for non-commercial purposes) is prohibited without the expressed written consent of Black Dog Enterprises.