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Reduced Quality Notice: Partners with Low Bandwidth

Due to a lack of available bandwidth at their home facilities, the following partners will produce reduced quality live streams on a regular basis. Please be aware that broadcasts from these facilities may experience picture freezing or drop out if the limited bandwidth is further compromised in any way:

Dallas Snipers (WSHL)
Northern Arizona University
University of Northern Colorado
Tahoe Icemen (WSHL)
University of Texas (TCHC)
Wichita Jr. Thunder (WSHL)

Additionally, the following partners who film their home and road games may produce reduced quality live streams when broadcasting from opponents' facilities if the available bandwidth is not sufficient:

The Citadel - Military Institute of South Carolina
John Carroll University
San Jose State University
Slippery Rock University

All games will be recorded at full resolution and will be posted on-demand ASAP after each game's conclusion. If there are any significant variations from these established limitations - including live broadcast cancellation and/or Video-On-Demand Only recordings - we will post separate notices ASAP each week. Thank you for your understanding and for your continued enjoyment of Black Dog Hockey broadcasts!

Master Broadcast Database Updates

If the partner you are looking for does not yet have a schedule of upcoming live broadcasts listed, don't worry! Many partners are still finalizing their schedules for the 2017-18 season. Our master broadcast database will be updated daily with the latest information. Please contact us with any questions.