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Black Dog Hockey gives you access to a wide range of teams, leagues, and events.
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Notice Board


Check below for schedule changes, game cancellations, or technical issues that may impact our streaming content.


Broadcast Schedule Advisory

Please be advised that most of our partners do not stream all of their games. Many of our partners only stream their home games. Also, for our individual partnerships if two of our partners play one another it is likely that the home team will be the only one streaming the game (on their channel). Here is a brief overview of our current partnerships and their broadcast intentions (subject to change):

Home Games Only: Alabama (D1), EMU, FGCU (D2/D3), GCU (MD1, MD2, MD3, WD1), Hofstra, NAU (D2/D3), Northern Colorado, OU, Ole Miss, SDSU, Tampa (D2), UNC-Wilmington

All Games (Home/Road): FSU, Kentucky, SJSU

All Home Games & Select Road Games: Alabama (D2), CMU, Miami, Niagara

All League Games & Select Non-League Home Games: TCHC

No Coverage: Tampa (D3)

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  • NOTE: Purchases made on the CHF Event Page ONLY provide access to content from the 2022 CHF Federation Cup and past CHF National Events subject to the limitations described in the notes below. CHF game credits or passes do not provide access to any other live or recorded content on the BDE Hockey platform.

  • Scheduled live broadcasts may start late or may be cancelled altogether, often due to reasons beyond our control. We will endeavor to inform customers of delays or cancellations as far in advance as possible through our NOTICE BOARD

  • Your 4-Hour Game Credit can be used to access any live broadcast from the 2022 CHF Federation Cup or any recorded game from the 2022 CHF Federation Cup or past CHF National Events.

  • You can switch to a different game or recording at any time during your viewing session.

  • 4-Hour Game Credits are activated when you log into the viewing area after making your purchase. Once logged in, your 4-hour window runs continuously until expired. Unused time cannot be saved between sessions.

  • If you purchase a 4-Hour Game Credit and do not log in, it will remain in your account for use at a later time.

  • If you purchase a Full Tournament Pass, your access begins as soon as the purchase is made and runs until approximately one week after the conclusion of the event (expires at 6:00 AM ET on 4/1/22). You will have access to any live 2022 CHF Federation Cup game played while your subscription is active, and can watch any recorded games from the 2022 CHF Federation Cup or recorded games from past CHF National Events in the on-demand viewing vault.

  • Barring unforseen technical issues, every game will be recorded and made available on-demand. On-Demand content will usually be posted at live stream quality within an hour of completion and will be posted at full resolution (often higher quality than the live stream) within 24-48 hours of completion.

  • Games can be started on one device and completed on another. However, each account can only be active on one web browser and one device at a time, so be sure to log out of your account before transferring between devices and upon completion of your viewing session.


ALL SALES ARE FINAL. There are no refunds. Black Dog Enterprises may, at its sole discretion, provide Game Credits or other adjustments to customers who experience issues accessing or viewing content.

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